2 Birds with 1 Stone

In the course of 60 minutes this afternoon I was presented with two issues that required a resolution. The first situation was not being able to locate my remote for my Apple TV. After searching for 15 minutes I gave up and went to the Internet in hopes of someone having a solution to use my iPhone as a remote. The fine folks at Apple answered my question with an application called Remote. My iPhone is connected to the wireless which put both the iPhone and the Apple TV on the same network. Once this was accomplished it was a matter of mastering the controls and watching the last two episodes of House of Cards.
About 30 minutes into the first to last episode, an e-mail came in asking me to fill in some blanks on a PDF contract. It was a four page contract and I don’t own a printer at home as I try to do as much as I can paperless. I could have waited until Thursday but it was two little items that needed changed and I didn’t want to wait so it was back to the iPhone. I was browsing over at LifeHacker and came across this article: What’s the Best Way to Sign Documents Electronically (Without Scanning Them)? and an application called SignNow. The application was easy to use and I had the changes to the PDF’s made and sent back to the person in under 10 minutes. I am using the free plan right now which allows for 5 documents a month but I could see myself using the 30 document plan which is $8.33/month (if paid in full yearly) or $14.99/month if paid monthly.