Education 3.0 – @teskeci and @halleykimberly

Edcamp for Kids –  Two staffs came together to build the board.  Created the course catalog for students based on the board.
Why can’t we do this everyday?  The vision is for Fall 15 would be a 6 week offering of these sessions.
Liberty Benton has a program called STRIDES which is 100% student led.  Seniors are the team leaders but the groups are random.
The teams organize around doing academic things but also charity things within the community.  Students are driven by competition to become leaders of the group each year.
GPA’s are factored into this competition and pushes the students to help each other academically.
In another situation, the students were tired because they weren’t being told what to do and they had to think without direction.
Science Learning Academy said it takes 6-8 weeks to get the students settled into this new mindset.
Garth Holman is another example of where it takes time to build trust with students but then they can be self directed learners.
Parent of a Hilliard student said that her daughter likes the 20% time that the students are given to explore ideas that interest them.  The thought and process that the student goes through is an example of the student teaching themselves.
We teach the process of point A to point B but forget to teach the fun within a topic.
Many of the buildings in Hilliard and Dublin do 20% time.
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The actual experience of learning is what the student will remember.  If we can get them to engage in that experience and make it meaniful…that is when we win.
Jobs didn’t patient the hardware but he patented the user experience.