The Flipped Presentation

Earlier today I listened in and observed a discussion amongst technology and administrative leaders from within Ohio and eTech Ohio. It was interesting to see that 35 or so respones generated through 3 questions had a common theme emerge amongst them. Considering that there are 613 districts and 353 charter schools within Ohio and the group represented other agencies throughout the state the results may not have been the most accurate to represent the state of Ohio.
The discussion centered around the following themes that emerged through the survey:

Blended Learning
Bring Your Own Technology(Device)/Mobile Technology
Internet Safety
Free Resources
Social Media
Statewide Pricing

The title for this presentation came about based on a discussion centered around the 2013 State Technology Conference in February. John Schinker who was part of the team responsible for bringing about Edcamp Cleveland brought up practicing what we preach to our teachers and that is changing the way we teach. Moving the classroom from the state of where the teacher stands in front of the classroom and the desks are lined up in nice neat rows.
This led me to think about a presentation I am giving at a conference in October. While still trying to narrow down mt topic and focus I asked my self how I could change my presentation so that it is not a presentation where I stand in front of the room looking out at a sea of nodding heads. As of now I think my topic will focus on Information Technology vs Technology Integration, exploring how these two titles are very different roles within a school. Flipping this presentation will not be easy because it will make those in attendance uneasy because it bucks the trend they are comfortable with.
As of now I am working on ways to flip my presentation and make it more than just me standing in front of a room of nodding heads. A follow up post will be made once I figure this out.