Backup Plan – Updated

In a previous post from 2015 I discussed my backup plan and in Dec. 2016 I updated the backup plan after reviewing my existing plan.  I incorporated two off site backup options in my plan as a means for recovery.

On-Site Backup:

The On-Site backup plan still is using the Time Capsule device that I was using in 2015.  The future of this component in the backup plan is currently under review.

Off-Site Backup:

I am using the Arq Backup Software to backup my local computer and the Time Capsule device every two hours to a new piece of the backup equation.  The new piece of the equation is a Synology Box that is kept off site 90 miles away via SFTP server.  The Synology Box has 4 – 2 TB NAS drives in the box and setup in a raid through the Synology operating system.  This allows me to have a single drive failure but not loose any data in the raid.  The amount of storage though allows me to grow my data without fear of running out.  I am currently using 1.15 TB of the total space and have ample room for growth.

If the need to restore would come about for any reason I can quickly restore from the device with no wait or additional cost that you would encounter when restoring from Amazon.

It is always good to have two backup copies of the data so in case one version would become corrupted or in the case of recent news locked by a virus.  That is where the Amazon Backup option comes into the mix of the backup plan.  The same files which are backed up every 2 hours to the Synology Box are backed up every 12 hours to Amazon.  In addition to the every 12 hours backup, I have limited Amazon to a budget of $15.00/month.

In each instance of the backup task, the data is encrypted through ARQ with each backup using a different encryption key so that both backup sets could not be compromised due to an issue such as a virus.

I am looking at the possibility of replacing the time capsule device with another Synology Box that is kept at my apartment.  It provides me with increased capabilities than what I have with the time capsule device.  Additionally, it allows me to expand my storage needs as needed based on my data.