App Exploration and Best Device

As we are settling into a new normal due to the restrictions in place because of COVID-19 we have an abundance of time with limited entertainment options. I have been gaining exposure to a few new applications, two of which come courtesy of Ryan Collins over at The plan is for a more in-depth review of each of these applications down the road but I wanted to share a quick summary of them now. In the future post for each product I plan to provide additional information and why I’m using these applications.

  • Bitwarden – Open source encrypted password manager with a web presence, Android, and iOS version with popular browser extension.
  • Standard Notes – Encrypted note application with presence on the web, Android, and iOS. Similar to Evernote or Microsoft One Note but different.
  • Nebula – Nebula is an open source network management application that produces a secure connection between machines spread out across multiple networks.

The ultimate question that everyone seems to always ask is what is the best device out there today. The question typically stops there and the person asking the question isn’t prepared for what I ask next which should be the first questions you ask. What do you plan to do with the device? What applications are you using? Are there applications that wouldn’t run as expected in a virtual environment? This post is going to look at my setup that answers those questions.

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