Cloud Computing/UDEMY

I’m currently working through a UDEMY course on Amazon Web Services. As I work through this course two thoughts have crossed my mind.

  1. Are schools taking advantage of Cloud Computing and integrating it into their IT infrastructure?
  2. How could a school leverage UDEMY and have students take advantage of UDEMY for learning.

If we look at the cloud computing the most obvious use in a school setting would be for off site backup (encrypted both in transit and at rest). This is what I’m doing with Arq and backing up my personal data. What else could we use to either enhance our existing IT infrastructure or offer a new solution at a reduced price?

I have taken now three UDEMY courses with two of them focusing on my job. The first course I took was on SCRUM project planning and how that process works. The second course was on REGEX (Regular Expressions) and it has paid off for me in my job while working on issues.

What could we do with UDEMY if it was unleashed in a school? What if the a final project for a student involved creating their own course based upon what they learned?