September Projects

Hello and welcome back after yet another long gap in posting. Here is an update on what I’m working on at this time.

  • Amazon AWS and UDEMY – I am continuing work in this front but was side tracked by another project which is explained below.

Current Project:

I do Erate consulting on the side and this involves a fair amount of paperwork and records retention for a defined time period. Over the last 12 years this has taken on a variety of forms from the classic Erate binder to a more digital approach. The approach I go back to at the end of the day though as always been the paper approach.

The challenge with the paper approach is you have this paper you print that ends up sitting in a binder on a shelf at the end of the erate year. Another chllenge is collecting the artifacts (bills, bids, evaluations etc.). I thought there has to be a better way but have not found a solution that works well for the client or for me at the end of the day.

Proposed Solution:

  • Electronic upload of documents by all parties involved. A solution might be a form accepting an uploaded document or SFTP server.
  • Client can easily download version of funding year at any time
  • Versioning of documents if more than one document of same item is uploaded (signed contract etc.)
  • Long term storage as the current requirement is that documents for a funding year are saved for 10 years after the funding year has finished.
  • Versioning control on my end through Git.

I am currently working on a solution that will solve these problems at the end of the day. More to come in a future post with the full solution. This all ties back into my last post because the goal is to use AWA services to achieve the solution.

Additionally, I am also working on refreshing my Python knowledge and expanding beyond my basic understanding of the language.