Annotation Summary – Skitch and Evernote

I am currently working on a research project and as part of that I am reviewing a number of existing research papers.  There is a good amount of highlighting going on within the documents and they are being stored within Evernote for easy access later.  I am also using Skitch in partnership with Evernote and came across a cool feature.  When you make an annotation (highlight, box etc.) there is a checkbox that appears at the bottom of the PDF window asking if you want to include an Annotation Summary.
The Annotation Summary creates a snippet of what you highlighted and places it at the top of the document.  This is a great feature because now I can easily find all of my annotations without having to go through the entire document.
What you will need:  Evernote and Skitch
How to do this:
  1. Create a note in Evernote
  2. Attach a PDF to the note
  3. Right click the PDF within the note and select Annotate this PDF
  4. Make an annotation
  5. Place the check mark in the box titled “Include Annotation Summary”
  6. Make your annotations and close the document