My name is Bob Green and I currently work in the SaaS industry focusing on data extraction from various sources for ingestion into a single platform.  My background is in Computer Networking, Organization Management, K-12 Online Teaching/Learning, and Classroom Technology Integration.  I have filed for funding through the Federal E-Rate program for various schools since 2007 and currently have an Educational Technology/E-Rate Consulting company that and currently file for e-rate for three schools.

Technology has reached a saturation point in our lives where it is no longer necessary but an integral part of our lives from the time we wake up to the time we head to bed for the night.  Technology has allowed us to expand our audience from beyond the four walls of a school building, district, city, county, or even state.   Technology allows us to create a level playing field and connect with those resources that may not have been available before due to budget constraints or the inability to attract enough student interest to justify adding that program or hiring that teacher.

I remember in my first job that we were able to be in partnership with the Ohio School for the Deaf in Columbus, Ohio and offer American Sign Language to our students through distance learning and had five students take these classes.  The teacher was deaf and taught at the Columbus School for the Deaf while the other schools were scattered across the state of Ohio.  One student continued on and made her career choice as an American Sign Language interpreter.  The technology we leveraged through distance learning was the catalyst that aided this student into a career path that previously may never have been thought of previously or was an option.

We shouldn’t be afraid of technology but instead, embrace technology and ask how it can help us solve a problem to improve our lives or the lives of those around us.

My complete resume is currently being updated but can be provided by request at the contact information below.

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Bob Green

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