Tools of the Trade

Tools of the Trade (TOT) will be an ongoing series of posts regarding tools that I use in my everyday life. While the tools can be used in my ever day life, I want to ask the question can the tool be used in an educational setting or vice versa and how the tool can be used in an educational setting. While many of the items in the TOT series will tend to fall under software, there is the possibility that hardware could be included. Each entry initially will follow a set of questions. I will evaluate if these are applicable questions as I progress and may change them up. The TOT series will aim to answer the following questions:

Is the item web based or software based? If software based what operating systems does it support?
Does the item have a mobile application and if so what operating systems does it support?
The cost involved in using the product.
Applicable grade level use if the product would make a good educational tool.
Practicality of use in the world outside of education.
Is the software based towards a single user environment or a multi-user environment?
Misc. items that need discussed but do not fit with the previous six questions.

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